GSTIN: Karnataka-29AADCB4910A1Z7 PAN: AADCB4910A
Status: Active Class: Public
Category: Company limited by Shares Sub Category: Non-govt company
Registered On: 2008-05-28 Registration State: Karnataka
Authorized Capital: 1000000 Paidup Capital: 500000
Industrial Class: 73100 Business Pricipal Activity: Community, personal & Social Services
Registered Office Address: 20TH KM HOSUR ROAD ELECTRONICS CITY P.O. BANGALORE KA IN 560100 ROC: RoC-Bangalore
Email Address: Last Yearn Annual Return: 2017-03-31
Biocon Research Limited is a public registered company under the Indian laws. It is a non-govt company and its operational status is Active. It was registered on 2008-05-28 under RoC-Bangalore ROC office with its main operating business listed as 'Community, Personal & Social Services'.

Is Biocon Research Limited still operational?
Yes, the company is fully operational and active as per our recent check of its records with the MCA.

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