GSTIN: Maharashtra-27AABCA6727E1ZV PAN: AABCA6727E
Status: Active Class: Private
Category: Company limited by Shares Sub Category: Non-govt company
Registered On: 1994-07-06 Registration State: Karnataka
Authorized Capital: 500000 Paidup Capital: 270200
Industrial Class: 70101 Business Pricipal Activity: Real Estate and Renting
Registered Office Address: 26/27 RAAHEJA TOWERS 6THFLOOR EAST WING MG. ROAD BANGALORE KA IN 560001 ROC: RoC-Bangalore
Email Address: Last Yearn Annual Return: 2017-03-31
Argil Properties Private Limited is a private registered company under the Indian laws. It is a non-govt company and its operational status is Active. It was registered on 1994-07-06 under RoC-Bangalore ROC office with its main operating business listed as 'Real Estate And Renting'.

Is Argil Properties Private Limited still operational?
Yes, the company is fully operational and active as per our recent check of its records with the MCA.

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