GSTIN is a GST identification number. A GSTIN is a unique, 15-digit PAN identifier allocated to each registered person under GST. As a GST-registered dealer, you may want to verify GST Number (GSTIN) before entering your GST Returns.

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Krishna Sewtech Private Limited
GSTIN: Karnataka-29AACCK5806B1ZS
Surcle Technology Private Limited
GSTIN: Karnataka-29AAXCS0927N1ZE
Prestine Ventures Private Limited
GSTIN: Karnataka-29AAICP3659D1Z6
C.M.M. Hotel Private Limited
GSTIN: India-08AACCC5386J1ZC
Stylobate Consultants Private Limited
GSTIN: Rajasthan-08AAVCS3238A1Z9

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GST Number Definition

For each tax payer registered under GST, the GST number or GSTIN is a unique 15-digit number. Through registering under GST, you can get your GST number or GSTIN.

The first 2 digit GST number represents the state of registration of the tax payer. The next 10 letters are the tax payer's PAN number. The next 2 digits are for the code of the organization and the last digit is the check sum number.